Thursday, October 14, 2010

Two legs: good. Eight legs: yikes!

There is only one thing worse than finding a visitor of this size on your lounge room wall during a warm October evening...

...and that is finding out that he brought his mate with him, who has snuck into your bedroom while nobody was looking.

Ah, just another couple of interesting visitors to add to the list of those who have dropped in at our place. Remember her? And him? And them??
At times our place seems a lot more country than town, but then that's what happens when you live on the brink of both!

Jen x

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Brotherly bongos

No editing activities have been undertaken on this shot of my two Hatchlings.

I can confirm that yes, Hatchling No.1 is in fact playing the bongos on Hatchling No.2's head.

Yessiree, he's knocking out a really bitchin' rhythm right there on his dear sweet younger brother's cranium. At this point I am unwilling to detail the events that followed, suffice to say it wasn't pretty.

In fact, it was really noisy.

And high-pitched.

And outraged.

And physical.

There is nothing more to say at this point other than how spectacularly relieved I am not to have had any brothers.

Here's to being the only gal in an otherwise all male household. Help me!

Jen x

Thursday, September 30, 2010

What happened over winter?

It is unthinkable.
It is inexcusable.
It is irresponsible.
It is untenable.
It is irreversible.
It is washing machinable.
It is down right, you got it, straight from my heart, regretable.

Still Jenny from the Blog has been outrageously neglected and quite frankly, if blogs had emotions of their own and could communicate with their authors independantly - this blog would be giving me the silent treatment right about now!

Wait a minute, maybe it HAS been giving me the silent treatment... Or have I been giving IT the silent treatment??

Now I am not only ashamed, embarrassed and eating the LARGEST portion of humble pie - I am also confused. Maybe this is why things have been quiet around here for a bit.

Let's do a whistle-stop tour of what we've been up to over the past couple of damp, dull, rainy, COLD months here in Melbourne:

1. Union Jack could take it no longer and launched us into the world of the flat screen t.v:

2. Hatchling No.2 learnt about the whole "talk to the hand 'cos the face ain't listening" thing:

3. We went on a road trip, which included this place:

And these guys:

And those:

4. Union Jack and The Hatchlings have been working construction:

5. And painting

6. Chilly Saturday mornings were spent here, with Hatchling No.1 doing this:

And that pretty much covers it...
Ooh, except one more thing. Most of the time I was dreaming of a world where, at my leisure, I could loll about - doing much more of something like this:

Jenny from the Blog is BACK!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Printable Artwork that I love

My gorgeous friend and talented Graphic-Designer-Extraordinaire has just launched P for Printables.

P for Printables is a website that sells beautiful, printable pictures that you can download and use for any number of creative projects, such as cards, wrapping paper, invitations, scrapbooking, anything!

Or you could just stick them into a frame, hang them on your wall and enjoy them.

You can even download reward charts for your kids for free, and they're just too cute!

I love the idea that I can get my hands on unique, pretty, top quality pictures without having to leave the house. While the Hatchlings consider shopping centre shenanigans an excellent source of sporting fun, I'm not so keen on it. Here's to keeping the Hatchlings' sporting fun out of retail outlets! Hooray!

Congratulations Miss Prue.

Jen x

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One more photo - that's it!

I often feel like a member of the paparazzi. Okay, so I only photograph my family, friends, trespassing wildlife, garden and whatever other ridiculousness I can find that will stand still long enough - but I feel it all the same. Why? Because the Hatchlings really know how to deliver the 'disgruntled celebrity' treatment when they've had enough of my camera.

Oh yes, they can turn on a dime, these little Hatchlings. One minute they can be gazing into the bay with a satisfied grin...

And then they realise you've captured the moment and their mood sours somewhat.

Okay, so maybe taking those last few irresistable snaps at the end of a long day out was a mistake on my part, but how could I resist this?

And just when I think Hatchling No.1 might be cool with it I get this:

Translation: "One more photo Mum, and NO MORE!!!!!!!!"

The Hatchlings rarely care if the light is amazing, or the scenery inspirational. They mostly like taking photos of their feet, given the chance. They leave me with no other option: I simply become a papparazzo. Sigh...

Note: Will somebody please insist that I cut this child's hair a little more often from now on?!

Thanking you in advance,

Jen x

Monday, June 28, 2010

Totally Team Jacob (this week)...

I've never been one to become hysterical over a pop star or movie star, and nothing has changed. I'm sure Taylor Lautner is a really nice guy, but Lordy there is no way he could compare to his on-screen Twilight character, Jacob!!

I want a werewolf like Jacob please!

Jen x

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm not a photographer, but...

The Hatchlings often inspire me to whip out the camera and take large volumes of poorly thought out, spur-of-the-moment-type photos. They are kids and they do funny stuff a LOT - it's like trying to resist the urge to scratch your nose when its hayfever season. Impossible!

Then, on other occasions I play my offence game rather than my defence game. I take some time to think about where we could take some nice-looking, slightly more thought out photos. The following pictures are from a few months back.

It was warm, sunny and dry - unlike now when it is cold, foggy and damp. After about a million years of drought I am not complaining, but when I see these photos I realise I am REALLY looking forward to spring!

Hatchling No.2 is nothing more than a smiling, happy angel here on Earth. Except when he is beating up Hatchling No.1!

Ah, they're good buddies really. From this picture you'd never know that they wrestle, and squawk, and punch, and roar, and kick, and scream, and...

Awww, surely not....

Surely these are two of the most heavenly creatures to ever frolic through our lovely neighbour Bruce's orchard?

All those in agreement, please say "Ay".

Jen x